Booking policy


Reservations should only be made by citizens of legal age.
We only accept children under age when accompanied by adults responsible for them.


The stays are booked according to the prices charged at the time of booking, affected by any promotions or discounts that may be in effect. Any subsequent price decrease that may occur does not entitle the customer to any price adjustment, reimbursement or compensation.
After a reservation is made, if the client wants to add nights of stay, he will have to make a new reservation according to availability and prices.

Payment methods

Only payments in Euros (€) are accepted.
Payments can be made in cash on the spot, or by bank transfer, to the account number to indicate. In this way we can verify the legitimacy of the citizen to effect the reservation.
We do not accept other forms of payment.
Whenever a bank transfer is made, the client must send, by e-mail or other agreed means, a copy of the proof of the same.

Payment methods

Payment must be made and verified until 12:00 (12 p.m.) on the day after the reservation confirmation.

Proof of payment and refunds
If payments are not made and proven under defined terms, the reservation will be canceled and the customer will not have the right to claim any refund of amounts already paid.
Please note that interbank transfers may take several days to be credited to the recipient account. Please inquire.

Phased payment
In order to have a phased payment, the reservation must be made at least 15 days before the day of arrival and the total amount of the stay must be equal to or higher than 260 Euros. Stays with a value of less than € 260 and, booked less than 15 days in advance, must be paid in full.
A deposit of 50% of the stay must be paid and proven until 12:00 (12 p.m.) on the day after the reservation confirmation. The customer has 48 hours after the confirmation of the reservation to give it up and be refunded of the amount paid. The refund will only be made after confirmation of receipt of payment.
The remaining amount of the stay must be paid up to 8 days before the check-in date. After this payment, if there is withdrawal by the customer, there will be no right to any refund.

No show, late arrival or early departure
Failure to appear on the agreed date and time ("no show") without notice will lead to the cancellation of the reservation and to the total loss of any amounts already paid by the client.
Likewise, no late check-in fees and / or early check-out fees will be refunded, even if advertised in advance.
We recommend that you have travel insurance that includes "cancellation and interruption".

Check in
In compliance with the provisions of articles 15.º and 16.º of portuguese Law 23/2007, "Legal regime for entry, stay, departure and removal of foreigners from the national territory", at the time of check in foreign citizens must provide your identification data to fill out the "Accommodation Bulletin". Failure to submit the necessary data will lead to refusal of admission.
National citizens must provide their customer tax data.

Upon check-out, the guest may have to compensate the owner for any and all damages for which he is responsible.

Tourist tax
No tourist fees are charged.

Reservations made on a given date are subject to the "Reservation Policy" in force on that same date.
"Reservation policies" prior to that currently in force, remain in force for reservations made when it is in force.
The "Booking Policy" in force on a given date will be the one that is available on our website on that same date.

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